World of Snails

Snails’ ancestors are one of the oldest known species of animals in the world. Fossil evidence of primitive gastropods dates back to the late Cambrian period, which means that they lived almost 500 million years ago.There are several snail forms, but whether they are aquatic or terrestrial, they vary fundamentally. The former are ideal for living in the sea or fresh water sources, but the latter live mainly on land, although in humid areas.
Gastropod mollusks are all ground snails, suggesting that they belong to the same group as octopuses, which are part of the Mollusca phylum. They are, at the same time, members of the Gastropods class, which includes both snails and slugs. Being a mollusk suggests that an inner skeleton and bones are absent, but snails are not unprotected.
Gastropods can adapt to a variety of living conditions, and large quantities of food are not needed. They have been able to continuously adapt to withstand the environments that many researchers find so interesting around them.
Gastropods the classification of invertebrate animals with a soft, unsegmented body, often covered with an exoskeleton or shell, belongs to the phylum Mollusca (or Mollusks). This phylum, Mollusca, contains species such as, among others, squids, octopuses, clams and cuttlefish. Gastropods are both snails and slugs. Therefore, regardless of the fact that slugs lack a protective shell, they are closely related.

Cambrian Period A period from 540 to 585 million years ago, during the Paleozoic era.
With invertebrates. Animals without a vertebral column.
From exoskeleton. The external skeleton that protects an animal’s body.
A living organism with reproductive organs of both sexes. Hermaphrodites.

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