Which Best Knife to Use in the Kitchen

Knowing the various knives available can be both useful and enjoyable for anyone who enjoys cooking. Many restaurants and retailers would benefit from a collection of professional chef knives as well. The chef’s knife, a paring knife, a boning knife, and a serrated knife are four common kitchen knives.

Chef's Knife

# Chef’s Knife

This type of knife can range in size from 15 to 35 cm. This knife is primarily used to cut large chunks of meat, but it has also been shown to be useful for cutting vegetables into diced pieces. When cutting meat, use strong motions in a single direction rather than a reciprocating motion.

Paring Knife

#Paring Knife

This short blade measures 5 to 8 cm in length. It comes in handy when peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables. This utensil resembles a chef’s knife but has been tempered for finer cutting.

Boning Knife

#Boning Knife

Use this curved blade to cut meat away from the bone. It is thin and sharp enough to detach joints in tight quarters. The fillet knife, which is used to cut fish, is a similar knife in the same family.

Serrated Knife

#Serrated Knife

This is commonly referred to as a bread knife. It has a long blade with jagged edges for cutting fibrous foods easily. It also cuts fruits and vegetables cleanly.

Carving knives, cleavers, and fluting knives are examples of other knives.

Carving Knife

#Carving Knife

This knife is approximately 38 cm long and sharp enough to cut thin slices of meat. It resembles a chef’s knife but is thinner and lighter.


this is a rectangular utensil with a thin blade on the edge. It’s used to split large chunks of meat and bone. This is not a kitchen tool, but rather one used in a restaurant where cuts of meat must be done in-house.

#Fluting Knife

Due to the thinness of the blade, this one is used for decorative purposes and is about the same size as the paring tool. If a restaurant specializes in decorative foods, it will purchase wholesale knives so that each chef has his or her own tool.

A restaurant’s kitchen should be stocked with a variety of tools. Larger restaurant kitchens would necessitate each chef having their own knife for faster food preparation. There are numerous other knives that a chef will employ, and the choice will be determined by the chef as well as the type of food.

How we test knife sets

We test each knife in-house on a variety of foods, using the blade that is best suited to each item. Slicing crusty loaves with a bread knife, carving chicken with a carving knife, and cutting root vegetables with a chef’s knife are among our tests. All of the knife sets are also tested by an independent panel of chefs from various culinary backgrounds. If the knives are dishwasher safe, we put them through several cycles to see how well they hold up to wear dishwashing.