Four twins born to a corona-infected mother

The 25 year old mother of Covid is a resident in Sri Lanka. She had deliver to four twins, two baby boys & two baby girls. It has been reported that the mother and children are now well.

Sri Lankan doctors performed emergency C section surgery to save a Covid -19 positive mother, delivering  four twins who tested negative for virus, a state –run hospital. The 25 years old mother was rushed into C section surgery to deliver the babies.

The director at the De soysa maternity hospital, Sri Lanka Dr. sagarika said,

“we had to deliver the Quadruplets babies before full term because the mother was developing complications,” the mother and her Quadruplets babies are in stable condition but under intensive care”

The hospital assembled a team of thirty-five medical staff, including 19 doctors to perform the procedure. A rapid antigen test showed that babies do not have Covid -19, it’s a new challenge.

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