Artificial Nails – For Perfect Nails Every Day(6 Tips)


The best way to keep your hands looking wonderful is with all nails. This essay examines the easy measures needed to wear fake nails 24 hours a day without incident.

For many “nail events” in your life, false or artificial nails are the ideal solution. They make the perfect replacement for a broken nail. They work well as a stopgap measure until your own nails grow in. And they appear immediately. Additionally, you may apply them yourself at home. If you choose the proper size and use your creativity to get rid of the plastic aspect, they can look genuine and convincing.

False nails can be professionally done at a salon or at home using easily accessible nail enhancement kits. They are simple to cut and shape to the desired style and come with their own adhesive.

How do you begin, then, presuming you wish to install the nails yourself? The six easy steps are as follows:


Start by cleaning and drying your own fingernails. In order to prepare them for affixing the fake nails, file and shape them next.

Take out any dirt that is stuck there. To get rid of dirt and other accumulated crud, clean below your fingernails using the nail pick tip on a set of clippers. Do this in the bathroom with excellent illumination so that you can easily see your nails.


Next, choose the proper size artificial nail for each finger—this is crucial. If necessary, file the edges for a precise fit.

You can select one of the preset set sizes in our listings since both hands often have the same size nails. Don’t worry, though, if your nails don’t match one of these! Simply select “Custom” and then enter the dimensions of your nails in the checkout note section.

You can also select the nail form on which the design will be painted by using our service. This means that if you like a particular design but would rather have it painted on a nail of a different form, don’t worry; I would be pleased to oblige! The choices we have are as follows:

  • Oval
  • Square
  • Stiletto
  • Coffin
  • Almond


Apply a light coating of nail adhesive to the entire area of your natural nail that will be in contact with the artificial nail.


Place the fake nail so that it is extremely near the cuticle but not touching it. To help the glue set and take hold, press lightly for a brief period of time on the top.


After the nail has been firmly positioned, smooth up any jagged edges.


Use two coats of nail polish in the desired color, followed by a topcoat to protect it.

It is advised that you wear fake nails for no longer than a few weeks at a time, perhaps no longer than a month. Then take them off so that your natural nails can get some air and renew their growth.

It’s crucial to use professional nail adhesive, never regular glue that you could find around the house.

Artificial nails can be removed by soaking them in a non-acetone polish remover until they start to break down and peel off. Acetone and other compounds having an acetone base must be avoided at all costs. They will weaken and thin the nail plate in addition to harming the nail’s surface and reducing its luster.

Additionally, avoid breaking the artificial nails by attempting to pull them off without first soaking them in polish remover. Your own nails underneath could suffer severe damage as a result of this.

Wearing artificial nails will be an easy and hassle-free process if you follow the straightforward instructions and suggestions provided here. It will also be beautiful to look at!