Top 5 Awesome Gifts For Boys

Gifts For Boys

When compared to girls, boys can be a little more difficult to shop for. When shopping for a son, nephew, or any special little boy in your life, make sure you get something that is age-appropriate, safe, and, most importantly, super cool and fun!

You can find all these selections

#Gift 01 Jurassic World Dino DIY Building Blocks Bricks

# Gift 02 Rain Forest River Blocks Tropical Rainforests Animal Dinosaurs Baseplates Building Block 

# Gift 03 Police Headquarters City Figures SWAT Model Building Blocks Bricks Toys 

# Gift 04 German Model Building Blocks City Military Tank Army Soldier Bricks


# Gift 05 Adventure Camp Tree House The Jungle Explore Survival tribe Helicopter Boat Building Blocks 

The benefits of Building Blocks

Toy blocks, also known as “building blocks,” are solid shapes that are used in construction play.
Some are simple wooden planks. Others are more elaborate, such as Lego and MegaBlox’s interlocking plastic bricks.
But, in whatever form they take, blocks can be effective learning tools. According to research, toy blocks can help children develop.

-motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
-spatial reasoning,
-cognitive flexibility,
-language skills,
-a capacity for creative, divergent thinking,
-social competence,
-engineering skills.
There is also evidence that complex block-play is linked with higher mathematical achievement.