3 Steps to An Hourglass Figure for Pear Shaped Women

This article will show. In three simple steps, you can go from pear-shaped to Marilyn Monroe.The lower half of your body is the widest, while the top half is narrow as a Pear shape. You do, however, have an enviable slim waist. The hourglass shape has a narrow waist and upper and lower halves that are roughly equal in size.You must carefully select the style and shape of your clothes so that they visually alter your body proportions to those of an hourglass rather than a pear shaped.

Understanding your body shape and figure type can assist you in selecting clothing that fits and flatters. Weight has nothing to do with body shape. At any size, you can have a pear-shaped or hourglass figure. Understanding the distinction between these two similar figure types can help you minimize problem areas, highlight your best features, and plan a wardrobe that works for your body.

The following are the three steps:

# Increase the size of your torso for Hourglass Figure.

Hourglass Figure
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To make your body appear more balanced, widen your shoulders and/or emphasize your bust. They will be more proportionate to your lower half this way. Soft shoulder pads, sleeve detailing, and wider necklines will visually broaden your shoulder area. Use a low décolletage, padded, and/or push-up bra to draw attention to your cleavage. Statement necklaces will draw attention to your neckline as well.

# Reduce the size of your lower half.

Hourglass Figure
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Now for the next step. Because your hips, bottom, and thighs are the widest points on your pear shape, minimizing these areas makes perfect sense. It’s a good idea to stick to dark colors or low-key patterns on your lower half. Another way to minimize your lower body is to use statement jewelry to draw attention away from it and up to your face and neck.

# Draw attention to your waist.

your waist
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Finally, you’ve been blessed with a tiny waist that many women covet. It is critical to highlight this fantastic feature. Wear narrow belts to visually lengthen your torso at the same time. Choosing them in contrasting colors to your outfit will draw attention to your waist even more.

The combination of widening your narrow upper half, minimizing your wide lower area, and emphasizing your slim waist will help you achieve the desired hourglass shape. Wearing belted dresses will highlight your fantastic waist and enviable figure to full effect.

If you are pear-shaped, these three simple steps will help you achieve the hourglass look. You’ll be well on your way to achieving the Marilyn look if you follow these tips. With your extra self-assurance in place, you can now channel your inner Marilyn Monroe.

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