Selecting the Color of Your Wedding Gown

When it comes to modern bridalwear, white wedding gowns aren’t the only option! Colored and patterned wedding gowns are becoming increasingly popular as a way for brides to express their individuality and color-theme their wedding. Choosing a colored wedding gown can add dimension to your wedding look, and each color has different meanings and significances that you should consider when making your decision.

blue color

# Blue Color

Light blue is a calming and serene color that reflects the color of the ocean and sky, whereas deep and dark blues are sumptuous and appear to be of high quality and wealth. Electric and bright blues are dynamic and make a strong statement, but they can also create a cold atmosphere if used excessively.

yellow color

# Yellow Color

Yellow is uplifting and full of youthful optimism, evoking the brightness of summer, flowers, and sunshine. Use golden yellows to create a glamorous atmosphere for your wedding for a more mature look. Yellow is a stimulating and creative color that is ideal for a fun, outdoor summer wedding. Recent wedding trends combine yellow and grey for elegant, understated wedding gowns.

green color

# Green Color

Green is the color of spring and new beginnings, as well as nature and, more recently, anything ‘eco’ themed. Green is a soothing, peaceful, and refreshing color that is ideal for an outdoor wedding. Green is also a popular color for bridesmaid dresses.

orange color

# Orange Color

Orange is a strong, autumnal color that, depending on the tone, can be bold or earthy. Orange is a warm color that is becoming more popular in muted shades, such as peach or terracotta, both of which add a subtle interest to a wedding outfit. Bright oranges are fun and flamboyant, and they are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face on your wedding day!

purple color

# Purple Color

Purple has a regal history and adds a touch of luxury and elegance to a wedding gown. However, use dark shades sparingly to avoid being overpowering with such a strong tone. Lighter purple tones are uplifting and are frequently used by creative people.

red color

# Red Color

Red is the traditional color of love, and it has a warming, romantic effect. The use of red for your wedding gown will draw attention to you, whether as a block color or as an accent on a predominantly white gown. Dark reds are ideal for an intimate winter wedding.

brown color

# Brown Color

Browns and beige are becoming increasingly popular as wedding dress colors, particularly when selecting a vintage wedding gown. Brown is an earthy, traditional, and organic color that conveys a sense of well-being and stability. Vintage wedding gowns are frequently made in subtle, delicate tones of brown, beige, and peach, and you can accessorize beautifully with lace, pearls, and wooden beads.

black color

# Black Color

Don’t be afraid of wearing a black wedding gown! Black is a sophisticated and timeless color for a wedding gown, especially if you’re having a clean-cut, contemporary wedding or a black-tie affair. Black is a strong, authoritative color that, of course, pairs well with white for a modern twist on the classic.

When selecting your wedding gown, you can play with color in a variety of ways:

• Some wedding gowns are all one color, with lace, beadwork, or different textures and structure for details.

•You could wear a white or pale wedding gown with touches and accents of color such as a sash or buttons, shoes, or a bolero.

•Consider adding color to your accessories, such as shoes, headwear, jewelry, or an umbrella!

•Match the color of your wedding gown to the color of your groom’s suit, bridesmaids, bouquet, or even the decor of your venue.

•Instead of a solid color, why not try a pattern or print?

• Ombre shading is a popular trend right now, as evidenced by Gwen Stefani’s pink wedding gown, which darkened from top to bottom.

•Select two complementary colors and base your wedding theme on them, perhaps one for your wedding gown and one for your groom!