Why Donald Trump never went upstairs in the White House

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# Trump’s strange habits in the White House come to light

A shocking fact has been revealed in an excerpt from an explosive new book about former President Donald Trump’s final days in the White House. Trump is said to have never gone upstairs to the second floor.

# Trump extensive investigation

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Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, an excerpt from Michael Wolff’s third book on the Trump administration, contains many astonishing snippets of what life was like in the White House in the final days before the Capitol Riots and Trump’s exit from power. It describes his reaction to the election and the inner workings of a collapsing political campaign in which many of his closest allies made a point of staying away as the election results were challenged.

# Trump not a fan of stairs

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According to a New York Magazine exclusive, “a second-floor office meant a degree of exclusion but also protection: Trump would never climb the stairs (and, by the end of his term, he had never done so).” It’s a viewpoint that was expressed as early as 2017 by the Washington Post, which predicted that Trump would never go up to that part of the executive mansion.

# The fear of falling Trump

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After a video of him shuffling carefully down a ramp went viral, he commented on his fear of falling. “The ramp I descended after my West Point commencement speech was very long and steep,” Trump tweeted from his now-deactivated account.

“[It] lacked a handrail and, more importantly, was extremely slippery.” The last thing I wanted to do was ‘fall’ for the Fake News to play with. I ran down the last ten feet to level ground. Momentum!”

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