Top 2 Summer Festival Full Fashion Guide

Most summer festivals have already sold out of tickets. The season is almost here! It’s time to start planning not only your festival budget, but also the logistics of how you’ll get to the festival, where you’ll sleep, and what you’ll eat.

While practicality and comfort should always take precedence, festivals are known to be excellent venues for displaying your personal style and being photographed by fashion mag paparazzi and bloggers. The best advice is to plan specific outfits for each day and bring spares with you. So, if you haven’t already, you should start putting money aside each week to fund these.

Your outfit will most likely differ depending on where you’re going this summer for a weekend or a week of music and partying. Do some research on what the local weather is like at that time of year. You should also consider the type of festival you’ll be attending and what the general dress code will be.

If you’re going to a dance music festival in Spain or Croatia, you’ll want to pack differently than if you’re going to a folk music festival in Finland or Latvia.

# Footwear

Though it’s widely assumed that there’s no better festival footwear than a pair of wellies, this isn’t true for all events. It’s certainly true for the biggest festivals, which attract tens of thousands of people and quickly become muddy, as well as events in rainy countries. However, at smaller events and shorter festivals, particularly those held in hot countries, you may come to regret wearing wellies as your feet sweat. Instead, put on a pair of loafers or trainers that will protect your feet from being stomped on or covered in dirt. They also look much better when dressed in summery outfits.

# Clothing

Remember to consider the weather before stuffing your bag with completely inappropriate clothing that will either melt or shiver you.

Dresses paired with leggings that can be removed depending on the weather, and topped off with a loose cardigan that can be buttoned up if cold, are the most versatile outfits for girls.

This should check all of the boxes. It’s also a small set of clothes. Accessorize liberally with practical items such as sun hats and sunglasses. Shawls and scarves are also great because they can be used as an extra layer to wrap up in if you get cold.

A pair of light chinos and a graphic T-shirt are ideal for guys. The trousers are long, but the fabric allows your skin to breathe and keeps your legs clean. Graphic T-shirts are a great way to express yourself in a practical way because they are compact and look great when creased.

When it comes to color schemes, avoid bright and pastels because they are prone to staining. Festivals aren’t the cleanest places, with people constantly brushing up against each other, beer glasses flying through the air, and other horrifying factors that aren’t worth mentioning.

Bring a sturdy waterproof cagoule instead of a disposable raincoat for rain protection. Nowadays, you can actually buy waterproofs that look good! If you’re certain there won’t be any rain but still suspect it’ll be chilly in the evenings, denim or leather jackets are classics that many people associate with the rock music scene. Ideal for a festival!

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