Decorations & Embellishments for Wedding Dresses

A little something “extra” can help your dress stand out and become a show-stopping, stunning, and fully unique piece. Your gown’s embellishments and decorations can help it stand out in a sea of regular and generic-looking wedding gowns.

Consider this: why spend hundreds of dollars on a designer wedding gown when a little attention to detail and adornment may transform a $100 cheap gown into a magnificent gown? Dress up your gown with the proper wedding dress embellishments and accessories.

You can use the techniques described below to add embellishments to your wedding gown.


Appliqués are fabric embellishments that can be used to create intricate motifs on clothing and accessories. Here are some examples of popular appliqués.. Here are some examples of popular appliqués.

#01 Small Flowers:

For a truly feminine look, add some three-dimensional fabric flowers to your gown. These flowers can also be added to your veil and dress to create a more cohesive overall look.

#02 Ribbons, sashes, and bows:

Remember how much you hated wearing flower girl outfits as a kid? Use strategically placed ribbons, sashes, and bows on your wedding dress, gloves, and veil to tone down the overly-accessorized style. A colorful ribbon or belt placed around your dress’s waist can be a fun way to add color.

# 03 Beading:

Perhaps the most prevalent appliqué method is beading. You can accessorize with freshwater pearls, glass beads, real rhinestones, and semi-precious gems. A fashionable neckline or hemline can be enhanced with the correct beading. Beading can also be used to add a little glitz to your gown.

Explaining Embroidery

Embroidery is a centuries-old method for creating beautiful designs on cloth. Most fabric designers still use this technique to create distinct designs on plain fabric nowadays.

This is the result of exquisite, frequently laborious stitching that creates curls, floral motifs, and swirls on the wedding gown using a mesh of multi-colored threads. Embroidery and beading can be combined to create complicated motifs on your gown’s fabric.

Using pastel hues for your gown’s embroidery for a softer, more feminine look is another fantastic option to add color to a white bridal gown.

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